Metropolitan Family Cover Introduction

Firstly, Metropolitan family funeral cover is a product that will offer you and your real value. With more than 120 years’ experience, Metropolitan is listed as a JSE top 100 company. They are the fourth largest life assurer in SA. It is clear to us that they have proven themselves to the amazing people of our nation.

Secondly, the Metropolitan family funeral plan is a cash funeral plan. Importantly, it also comes with a wide range of extra benefits. They know the great importance of settling claims quickly. Provided you supply all the documents, claims can settle within 48 hours. Quick payouts means that money will be available fast. This will help reduce needless stress. Not having moneys at hand can be very traumatic for you, or your family.

Lastly, it comes with a wide range of value adding benefits. It includes a shopping, tombstone & paid up benefits. All the benefits on this policy were specifically designed with you in mind. Most importantly, they are there to improve your policy.


Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan Cover Levels

With Metropolitan family funeral coverage, you can choose cover from R5000 to R50 000. This will ensure that you get a plan that will suit your needs. Premiums will be determined subject on the level of cover you need. There are a couple of factors that help define the cost. Most notably, the ages and cover levels. The longer you wait to get cover, the more it will cost. As we grow older, so does our risk. We always suggest that you do not wait too long before you get cover.

Are There Any Waiting Periods?

There are no medical questions or exams. However, please note there will be a 6 month waiting period. The waiting period is only related to natural death. This is simply to prevent buyers from taking the plan last minute. The idea is to stop people taking a policy when they know the person is dying. Accidental death will be covered from your first payment. This means you will have no waiting period for accidents. This is one way they make up for the industry standard waiting period for natural death.

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InKomo Benefit

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Shopping Benefit


Tombstone Benefit

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Quick Cash Payouts


5 Year Cashback

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Paid Up Benefit


Accidental Death Cover

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Survival Benefit


Automatic Benefits

  1. Accidental Death Benefit
  2. Paid-up Benefit
  3. Family Assistance Benefit
  4. Cash Back Benefit

Optional Benefits

  1. iNkomo Benefit
  2. Survival Benefit
  3. Inflation Management
  4. Shopping Benefit
  5. Tombstone Benefit

Cash Only Policy

With Metropolitan family funeral cover, you have the benefit of choice. When you arrange the burial, you can make use of different suppliers. For example, you can get the tombstone from one provider and the coffin from another. When we say this is a cash only policy, we mean the provider does not arrange the burial. They pay you and you do it yourself. There are many advantages of this type of policy. Most notably is the fact that you can shop around. It allows you to find the best products & services. Even though it’s a cash only policy, it comes with a wide range of benefits. Below, we look at some of those benefits.

Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit will be available to all the direct family on the policy. This means that it will be available to the policyholder, spouse & children. (Younger than 65, older than 13) – This benefit pays out up to R30 000 extra if the claim is, as a result, of an accident.

Paid-up Benefit

With certain trigger, the premiums on the policy will cease. This benefit will be triggered when the policyholder turns 65, retirement, or upon the death of the policy holder.

CashBack Benefit

Subject to certain conditions, a cash payment will be made to the policy holder. This money can be used for anything the premium payer desires. This is just one way Metropolitan uses to thank their customers for their loyalty.

iNkomo Benefit

Also known as “The Cow” benefit, the iNkomo benefit is an optional benefit that can be taken as a stand-alone benefit. With the iNkomo benefit, the beneficiary can receive a maximum cash lump sum pay-out of up to R18 000. This payout is a catering benefit used to accommodate your friends & family.

Survival Benefit

The Survival Benefit can’t be taken as stand-alone. This benefit will pay a lumpsum to the policyholder when he/she turns 65. The maximum amount allowed on this benefit I R50 000. This is a brilliant benefit that can support the policyholder financially while still alive.

Shopping Benefit

This innovative benefit is only available if the policy also includes the Paid-up benefit. With this benefit, the cover continues after age 65 or even the death of the main member. This is top-up cover will only be on the life of the policy holder, and spouse. A maximum of R18 000 will be allowed for this benefit. The cash can be used for grocery or any other needs after the claim.

Tombstone Benefit

You can take this benefit as a stand-alone benefit. The Tombstone Benefit will pay the beneficiary up to R15 000. You can use the cash payout to buy a tombstone. The date the money is required can be changed 5 times. The pay-out date can be arranged during the time when the beneficiary files a claim. This payout date must be collected within 18 months of a valid claim.


Metropolitan Life Funeral Cover Conclusion

Metropolitan family funeral cover is a great product for people who prefer a cash lump sum. You can make use of many providers to arrange the memorial service. This is a great plan for people with some knowledge of the burial process. With a great track record and great quality service, Metropolitan Life is one of the best providers in South Africa.

To Get your free family funeral plan quote today, simply complete the contact form on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Get your plan without any hassles! Our dedicated team is waiting for your details. Let us help you get the best family funeral plan today!