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If you are looking for affordable family funeral cover, you have come to the right place… We are an award winning funeral insurance broker. We look forward to helping you find the best policy for your needs. We offer our client free quotes from top providers. If you are satisfied with your free no obligation quote, we can arrange your cover for you. We know you are busy, one of our friendly agents can arrange your cover in just a couple of minutes. On this website, we do our best to give you as much useful information as possible. Please do not fear, you do not have to read all the content. Our agents are trained and help 1000’s of customers obtain affordable funeral insurance. We know exactly how to explain funeral insurance products to our valued clients.  Complete your contact form below today to get a call back. Let’s Get Started!

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What is Funeral Cover?

The main idea function of a funeral plan for your family is to ensure that funds are available quickly. Most family funeral policies will pay out claims within 48 hours of receiving the documents. This gives you the peace of mind that your eligible family will not have to struggle to bury you or an insured life.

In recent times, funeral have become extremely expensive. Not having cash available during a time of need can be devastating. Basically, the policy holder ensures that money will be available during the inevitable. Unfortunately everybody will die, not being prepared can be irresponsible.

For most of us, family is the most important thing in life. Making sure that your family is financial prepared in the event of the loss of a member is vitally important. Family funeral cover is an easy and effective way to ensure that funds will be available when it’s needed the most. The main member can include various family members under the selected plan.

The amount insured for each person can be determined by the premium payer. At the time if the death of an insured family member, the policy holder can claim against the plan. If the policy holder passes away, the money will be paid to the beneficiary of choice. Up to R60 000 Cover from Just R37 p/m

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Family Funeral Cover Providers We Represent

AVBOB • Metropolitan • Discovery

We have been in the funeral insurance industry for a very long time. We have had ample time to find the most reliable and effective family funeral cover providers in South Africa. We have tried various other providers and decided to only offer our top 3 providers. All the providers we represent have proven themselves over and over again. We have received amazing feedback from our clients regarding all three providers. We do not send your personal details to all the providers we represent. With our service, you will speak to the same agent regarding any of the providers. That’s cool right? No pesky sales calls because you completed one contact form online. We assign a dedicated agent to you. Our agents are friendly and very willing to help.

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AVBOB Logo (Family Funeral Plan)

With AVBOB Family Funeral Cover, you will have the peace of mind that you will be taken care of from start to finish. AVBOB offers clients a full funeral solution at a great rate. They have been around for almost 100 years. This should give potential clients the peace of mind that they know what they are doing. AVBOB offers clients a cashback incentive. With AVBOB family funeral cover, there will be no medical examinations required. If you make use of them to arrange your funeral, you get free benefit of up to R21 500*. This includes a free basic funeral of up to R13 303.

Family Cover From R10 000 to R50 000. Cover Starts From Just R46 p/m
Metropolitan Logo (Family Funeral Plan)

With Metropolitan family funeral cover, you will join a company that has been around since 1890. They have been ranked among the top for insurance providers in terms of market size. With Metropolitan funeral cover, there will be no medical examinations required. They offer a great cashback benefit and settle claims within 48 hours of receiving all documents. They offer great additional benefits like the shopping benefit, special paid up benefit, etc. Metropolitan Life offers clients a cashback incentive. This is a fantastic product if you are looking for a no hassle cash payout.

Family Cover From R5000 to R50 000. Cover Starts From Just R40 p/m
Discovery Logo (Family Funeral Plan)

With Discovery family funeral cover, you will be part of a brand that is dedicated to the health & well being of all South Africans. Although they have only been around for about 2 decades, they have a major impact on the insurance industry. With Discovery Family Funeral Cover, you will receive various automatic and optional benefits. They offer among others education, memorial and grocery benefits. There will be no medical examinations required. You do not need any other Discovery products to qualify for this plan. This is a straight forward cash policy.

Family Cover From R5000 to R60 000. Cover Starts From Just R48 p/m

We pride ourselves on the ease and hassle free service we have to offer. There are no additional costs associated with our service. We offer free family funeral cover quotes to our clients. If you are satisfied with the quote, we can arrange your cover at no additional costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need From Me to Join?

  • Names ID numbers or Dates of Birth for Everybody You Want to Cover
  • Copy of ID for Policy Holder
  • Name & ID Number of Beneficiary

With our service, you will not receive calls from all the providers we represent. We don’t want to cause our clients the drama of speaking to various consultants. We are a registered financial services provider and can do everything for you directly from our office. : FSP # 43216

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Who Can I Cover?

With most comprehensive providers, you will be able to cover a wide range of direct and indirect family members.

In most cases, you can include the following family member:

  • Spouse, Fiancé, Life Partner, Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
  • Child, Adopted Child, Step Child, etc.
  • Parents & Parents-in-Law.
  • Grand Parents
  • Brother, Sister, Bother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law etc. (Extended)
  • Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Niece, Nephew etc. (Extended)

Most comprehensive family funeral plans will allow all your direct family and up to 9 extended family members. This ensures that you can include almost any of your family members. All the providers in South Africa understand that in a developing country, often there is a single breadwinner.

Who Needs a Funeral Plan?

Long story short, everybody needs some form of financial provision for the day they pass away. Death does not discriminate. Regardless of your age, race or financial status, everybody will be buried at some point. Being financially prepared is the responsible thing to do. Often we hear young people say they don’t need funeral insurance because they are young and healthy. This is a very naïve response. Young people die in accidents every single day. Death can come at anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, the longer a person waits to get funeral cover, the more expensive it will become. One of the most important factors of determining the premium for an individual is age. The older you are, the more you will pay per R1000 cover.

What Well Be Included in the Policy?

There are two clearly distinctive types of family funeral covers. We offer our clients two types of funeral plans; cash only and cash with benefits. Depending on the needs of our clients, one of the types of policies will be relevant. Below we will explain the main difference of both plans

Cash Only Family Funeral Plan

With this type of policy, the beneficiary or policy holder will receive a cash payout from the provider. In most cases, the claimant will be in full control of the funds. The cash will be paid to either the policyholder, or beneficiary the policy holder selected.

The beneficiary can allocate the funds as desired. With a cash only plan, there will be additional benefits that make the plan more interesting. This will often include additional payout for accidental death, shopping benefits, tombstone benefits, etc. The bulk of the benefits will however be in a large cash payout. The claimant can use multiple providers to arrange the burial. For example, the claimant can use different providers for printing, flowers & other funeral related services. This type of policy can be very effective if the claimant has some knowledge of arranging a funeral.

All remaining funds will belong to the remaining family. The remaining funds can be used for anything required after the burial. Often the money will be used to arrange the wake, or to cater for the family.

For a cash only policy, we recommend you look at Metropolitan Life or Discovery Life. Both providers have a proven track record and offer great cash only family funeral plans.

Cash with Funeral Benefits Plan

With this type of policy, the beneficiary or policy holder will receive a cash payout, and funeral services from the provider. At the time of the claim, the claimant will have the option to either take the money, or to have the provider arrange the funeral. Unlike a normal cash policy, the claimant can receive all the services required to arrange the funeral from start to finish directly from the policy provider.

Using the policy provider to arrange the funeral will have a wide range of benefit. This includes free use of the mortuary, discounts of funeral products and services, use of tents & chairs, etc.

The amount insured will be available to the claimant. The claimant can then select all the services required services directly from the provider. All the funds that remain after all the services were selected will be paid out to the beneficiary. The remaining cash can be used for anything the family desires. This type of plan is very effective if you need a hassle free burial.

This is the most comprehensive option we have to offer. If you are interested in a cash & benefits policy, we recommend that you look at AVBOB.

How Much Does Family Funeral Cover Cost?

There are various elements that determine the cost of your plan. Every family funeral policy will be calculated individually. The policy holder will be able to chop and change the cover amount to ensure that the policy remains affordable at all times. It starts from just R37 p/m. 

Some of the factors that will influence the cost of your plan include:

  1. Provider You Choose.
  2. Amount of People You Include in Your Plan.
  3. Insured Amounts for Each Person.
  4. Relationship with Insured Member
  5. Age of Insured Members

Due to the amenability of funeral insurance, the policy holder will be in charge of the final premium. Each member insured will be calculated individually. This allows the policy holder to see exactly what the premium will be for each person insured. The policy holder can add or remove people to find the most viable option.